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0404 - Graphs for Gaming

Graph Databases have many use cases in many industries, but one of the most interesting ones that are emerging is in the Gaming industry. Because of its real-time nature, games are a perfect environment to make use of graph-based queries that are the basis for in-game recommendations. These recommendations make games more interesting for the users (they get to play cooler games with other people in their area, of their level, sharing their social network profile, etc) but also more profitable for the game providers, developers and publishers. After all: the latter want to be recommending specific games to specific target audiences, and thereby maximising their potential revenues.

Speakers: Toby O'Rourke, Technical Architect, Gamesys
Toby O'Rourke is a Technical Architect at Gamesys, a London based soft-gaming company. With a background as a Java guy, he considers himself lucky to rove around the tech landscape at Gamesys combining architecture and hands on development with exposure to a fairly eclectic mix of client, server and native mobile technologies. He believes an excited team, plenty of domain modelling and a beady eye on the details are decent starting point for delivering just about anything.

Rik van Bruggen, Regional Sales Director, Neo Technology
Rik van Bruggen is the regional territory manager for Neo Technology for the BeNeLux, UK, and Nordics. He has been working for startup companies for most of his career, and while he has a fond technical interest, really is passionate about business - and about Belgian Beer.